About us

Our business is “brand agnostic” – we’re free to choose the very best products, working on your behalf, to secure the most modern capable and best available technology or service to meet your needs.

– this sometimes means that we are not the least expensive provider but true to our mission we only provide high quality products, professional staff and well configured, resilient solutions, built for the long term and where budget is a constraint we’ll work with you to find a way to provide the best value for money outcome as part of our commitment to building a long term relationship.

There is no “one size fits all” at ADS Security – your own, unique operating environment has many variables such as heat, available light, dust, activity, traffic volumes and operating hours. 

Each business attribute needs to be carefully considered during the design and specification of your security system to ensure optimal performance, reliability and ease of operation, all delivered at the best possible value.

We do so much more than sell security systems – our offer includes, design, specification, ongoing  support, review of installations, scheduled maintenance and upgrade work where required, 

ADS Security Limited desires to be your first choice security partner for the long term and provide a single point of supply and service.

First in Security Solutions

Professional Security Risk Management

Intelligent CCTV Camera Access
Control Systems

Vehicle Response 24/7 Alarm

Static Guards & Patrols

Our Mission

“offer reliable, customised security solutions to meet the needs and 
address the concerns of modern, forward thinking clients”